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This is a page that introduces various festivals that are held in Korea.

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TITLE Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival
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  • DATE 2019-02-12 10:00:22
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Area : Yeongdeok Kangkoo harbor

Period : 2019.03(Not yet decided)


  The "Yeongdeok snowcrab Festival" which boasts the taste of Korean representative specialty Yeongdeok snow crab is held in every March. Yongdeok Daegae Festival is held in the Kanggu harbor area and provides various attractions and experiences to tourists through various events. In the festival of 2018, more than 100 popular merchant restaurants were crowded and a big scale snow crab street was formed. Also, it was able to taste the Yeongdeok snow crab and other kind of seafoods.

  The origin of the 'snow crab' is as follows. In the Joseon Dynasty, local specialties were tendered for king and the snow crab was raised on a royal table. However, at that time, many people think that the king 's appearance of eating snow crab was not grave, so it could not be raise for a while.


  However, the king wanted to eat snow crab again, so he ordered his servant to find snow crab and serve for him. After the servant wandered for a long time out of the palace, he finally found a crab at the Jukdo in Yongdeok-gun, East Sea.

  At that time, the servant asked the name of seafood, but the fisherman didn't know the name and could not answer. When his servant came back to the palace with snow crab and asked the scholars that what is the name of this seafood. The scholars decided to call it as bamboo crab because it looks like long and straight bamboo stems.

  In Yeongdeok snow crab festival, there are many activities and performance show about story of crab. Also, you can participate in an auction where you can buy cheaper snow crab and games that catch the crab with golden ring. How about eating fresh snow crab and enjoying various experiences at Yeongdeok snow crab Festival?

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